About us

Voyager is a New Zealand owned broadband and communications provider

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Obsessed with internet speeds

Passionate about technology we’re the IT guys in the know.

Kiss goodbye to buffering when streaming the latest movies at home, and get the broadband speeds you need to support and grow your Kiwi business.

Internet isn’t the only fast thing around here, our friendly IT support teams in Christchurch and Wellington are also pretty speedy at answering the phone, picking up your call within 60 seconds.

We’re here to keep you doing the things you love online with our broadband, voice, hosting and domain name services.

Why our internet is so fast

Plans include unlimited data, and fibre plans are priced according to their speed

The reason we’re able to provide super-fast broadband is because we’ve invested heavily in a contention free network. This means we’ve got huge capacity to support our current and any failover traffic across the country. Another factor which makes us different is that we regionalise our broadband handovers in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, which lowers latency and shortens the path of traffic.

Our Values

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is our attitude to customer service. We treat all of our customers as individuals and we all practice these three main Voyager Values when going about our day to day work. Pretty simple, but it works!

  1. Always do your best
  2. Find ways to show people you care
  3. Do the right thing

Call our helpdesk on 0800 477 333

Available 8am to 10pm - 7 days a week