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Fibre Solutions For Larger Businesses

We specialize in providing a premium internet experience at a reasonable price. That’s why we prefer fibre - for its outstanding performance and reliability.

Until recently, fibre for business was typically well over $1,000 per month, putting it out of the reach of many medium-sized businesses. Voyager has worked hard to bring real value to our customers. We've lowered prices without sacrificing quality. We have great relationships with all of the major fibre providers in NZ and have extended our national reach significantly. Our goal is to simply provide you with the best value connection between your business and our data centres - so that we can deliver your best Internet solution.

Dedicated Fibre

This is where the fibre that you get is uncontended (not shared with anyone else), between you and our data centre - making it the fastest possible connection that you will ever get. You can then purchase Internet bandwidth from our data centre to the Internet, or use the fibre as part of a WAN service to other locations you may have.

30Mbps Dedicated Fibre from you to Voyager in most major cities NZ. $495.00/mth
100Mbps Dedicated Fibre from you to Voyager in most major cities NZ. $595.00/mth
1Gbit Fibre Dedicated Fibre from you to Voyager in most major cities NZ. POA
100Mbps / 100Mbps / 1Gbit Fibre. Dedicated Fibre in non-metro / rural areas POA

Voyager Velocity

Voyager Velocity is a product unique to Voyager. We wanted to design something that gave customers unrivalled speed at a fantastic price. We have been frustrated with the slow rollout of the Government Fibre initative, and so decided to start building our own high-speed network.

In specific high-density “Fibrehoods”, where Voyager has enough customer demand, we install an ultra high-speed network node in a central location. Then each customer in the "hood" connects to our node over short cable runs to their premises. This saves us (and you!) money. Instead of paying for multiple connections between our data centre and every customer; we simply pay for a fibre to a “fibrehood”. Once you're connected we pass the speed and savings onto you.

Our pricing for Voyager Velocity is simple: Just $95/mth for Fibre as fast as we can deliver to you – all the way up to 1Gbps! (But usually 100Mbps). Note that Velocity is a shared “Internet grade” service. The pricing is much more aggressive than Dedicated Fibre or Fibre, however service is not guaranteed at any particular speed (much like other broadband services). However 95% of our Velocity customers attain speeds of over 50Mbps up/down more than 95% of the time. And it's a symmetrical service - so unlike typical broadband services you can upload as fast as you download - great for getting your content out to the world.

Voyager Velocity 100Mbps symmetrical fibre-based Internet connection. Installation is usually around $500 with a 12-month term. Sometimes the term is longer if the installation is going to cost us more than normal. $95.00

Data Plans - Reliable, Scalable, Supported

Internet data is an additional cost to the base fee, so please add the two charges together to find the total cost. Data costs $1.50 per GB


Where is it available?

Voyager Velocity is currently available in the following areas. If you would like Voyager Velocity in your area, get some of your local businesses together so we can install a node for you!

  • Parnell, Auckland
  • College Hill, Auckland
  • Part of Newmarket, Auckland
  • Quay St, Auckland
  • A section of Queen St, Auckland
  • K’Rd, Auckland
  • Bealey Ave, Christchurch


HSNS (High Speed Network Service) comes in two flavours - Lite and Premium. The ‘Lite’ variety is delivered over copper, the Premium version over Fibre. HSNS is simply a Chorus NZ brand name for a family of high-speed access products, it is not a specific technology in itself.

Both HSNS Lite and Premium are easy to work with as they terminate in Ethernet and support multiple real world IPs and Internet routing. Both services are synchronous and the bandwidth is committed - making it faster and more stable than current ADSL services. HSNS is available in approximately 70% of locations in NZ, with HSNS Lite being more prevalent than HSNS Premium.


Delivered over copper pairs using SHDSL (Symmetric High-Speed DSL) technology, HSNS Lite provides the same upload speed as download. HSNS Lite supports speeds up to 10Mbps. HSNS Lite is available at the following speeds (not all speeds are available, as they are still dependent on the distance from the telephone exchange)

1 Mbps up/down 2 Mbps up/down 5 Mbps up/down 10 Mbps up/down

HSNS Lite was created as a reliable networking product for medium to large businesses; and unlike normal ADSL, provides a guaranteed speed with committed data rates, and higher reliability. It was specifically designed to support sensitive voice, data and video traffic - and is delivered over Ethernet for easy integration into corporate networks (no proprietary routers needed). It is suitable as part of a WAN solution, for carrying Voice traffic (as ADSL is not recommended), or where faster upload speeds than ADSL are required.

HSNS Premium

Supports speeds up to 1,000Mbps and is delivered using fibre.

Due to the range of pricing options for HSNS (dependent on desired speed, distance from the exchange, Metro vs. Urban zones and geographic distance from our data centres), it is recommend that you contact a Voyager to discuss pricing. HSNS starts from just $195/mth for 1Mbit in urban areas, and may be available in some remote locations.

Small Print

Making sure you have all the details…upfront and in big letters.

  • 1

    Customers are responsible for arranging connection from their premises to Voyager's network node.

  • 2
    Early Termination

    There is an early termination fee of $195 on all broken contracts.

  • 3
    All prices exclude GST.

    Data overage is billed at $1.50 per GB

Call: 09 444 4444, or 0800 4 SPEED for information & ideas

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