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The power & savings of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is
virtually unlimited.

Voyager Voice offers real advantages and cost savings. You can make a call on your Voyager phone number from anywhere in the world that there is internet. And if you make that call to another of your Voyager numbers - anywhere in the world - it is free!

Anywhere there is an internet connection - there is Voyager Voice - giving you world wide voice and video services at a fraction of the cost and no tether. You can have a conventional phone at your desk or a soft phone on your computer. Heck, put the soft phone on your computer anyway, just in case you want to make a call when you're at the cafe! There are soft phone apps for all types of mobile phones, pads, tablets and computers. Some are better than others and one will be exactly what you need. It's just an app - but the applications are massive and so much more affordable than traditional land line or mobile services.

Voice Bundle - For just $30/mth

Includes Price
1 Voice Extension Number $10/mth
Business IP desk phone rental $20/mth
1,000 local and national calling minutes $10/mth

Voice Service Charges All exclusive of GST

Voice Platform Includes web-portal & 1 free company local pilot phone number FREE
Voice Extension IP phone line per employee $10/mth
Voice Bundle IP desk phone, support and 1,000/mins of local/national calling per employee $30/mth
SIP Trunk Service per channel $10/mth

Standard Call Charges Without purchasing calling bundles

Local Call per minute 2c
National Call per minute 3c
NZ Mobile Call per minute 15c
Tollfree inbound from landline per minute (NZ only) 5c
Tollfree inbound from mobile per minute (NZ only) 25c
Full International Rate Card

Calling Bundles Add bundles to reduce call costs, you can buy multiple bundles

1,000 Mins Local/ National Calling $10/mth
100 Mins NZ Mobile $10/mth
1,000 Mins NZ Mobile $75/mth
100 Mins International (top 40 countries) $10/mth
1,000 Mins International (top 40 countries) $75/mth

40 Included Countries (With International Calling Pack)

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Cyrprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Eire), Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mariana Islands, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America

Full International Rate Card

Add-Ons Additional service per month

Fax-to-email service per number $10
Audio Conferencing Service per company $10/mth
0800/0508 Tollfree number per number $10
DDIs per number $5
DDIs (block of 10) $30
DDIs (block of 100) $100

Small Print

Making sure you have all the details…upfront and in big letters.

  • 1
    Each Voice Extension

    Does NOT come with a DDI number (As incoming calls can be answered from the FREE single company pilot number assigned). Additional DDI Numbers for employees or sales groups can be purchased separately.

  • 2

    Any minutes over your calling bundles will be charged at the standard calling rate.

  • 3

    All prices exclude GST.

    Extremely affordable

    The Voice Extension service is extremely affordable because it is designed to be self-provisioned, and end user devices configured by the customer or the customer's IT company. If you need support setting up the system, or configuring end user devices to connect to the system - support is billed by Voyager at $50 per half hour, (the cost of which is quickly recovered in savings by using the system over traditional phone lines and PABX equipment.)

  • 5
    Early Termination

    The Voice bundle is on a 12 month term.

Bespoke Solutions

If you have unique requirements like a Call Centre or other sophisticated voice communication needs then contact us to discuss YOUR best possible solution.

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