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  • 1 Voice Extension Number
  • Business IP Desk Phone Rental
  • 1000 local & Internal calling mins

Call, anytime, anywhere!

Where there is an internet connection, there is Voyager Voice

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The power & savings of VoIP is virtually unlimited

Voyager Voice offers real advantages and cost savings. You can make a call on your Voyager phone number from anywhere in the world that there is internet. And if you make that call to another of your Voyager numbers - anywhere in the world - it is free!

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Anywhere there is internet, there is Voyager Voice

Giving you world wide voice and video services at a fraction of the cost and no tether. You can have a conventional phone at your desk or a soft phone on your computer. Heck, put the soft phone on your computer anyway, just in case you want to make a call when you're at the cafe! There are soft phone apps for all types of mobile phones, pads, tablets and computers. Some are better than others and one will be exactly what you need. It's just an app - but the applications are massive and so much more affordable than traditional land line or mobile services.

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