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High Priority Access Plans

With 100% CIR, this HPA offer commits to speed without the same point-to-point pricing.

High Priority Access

From $580/mo

  • Unlimited Data
  • Fixed IP Address
  • 12 - 36 Month Term Options
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VoIP Business

Voyager Voice Add-on

Get unlimited national landline and local calling, plus access to your own user portal online. Add calling bundles to suit your needs.

Need more lines or extensions? Add Voyager Voice, our fully featured Cloud PBX with Unlimited NZ calling puts an end to any surprise phone bills, giving you control over your calling costs. With simple pay per user pricing, you can easily add extra users as your business grows.


Why choose us?

Fast, Friendly Customer Support

Our skilled support team strives to answer phone calls within 60 seconds, so you can get the help you need and get back to doing business faster.


We’re not just a broadband provider, we also offer voice services, domain name registrations and website hosting. We can provide technical expertise and support for other areas of your business, whether it’s helping you to connect offices together or how to host your servers, we do this every day for thousands of Kiwis.

Reliability & Speed

We’ve made a significant investment in our contention free network, so we’ve got huge capacity to support traffic across the country to guarantee consistent speeds.

Broadband Hardware

We can provide the right router to meet your business needs.

Voyager Router

Ideal for home offices or SOHO connections

Fortigate Wifi 40F
Fortiwifi 40F

Supports higher speed connections plus Gigabit Wifi using 802.11ac

Fortigate 40F
Fortigate 40F

Optional security services are available to suit your needs


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our service.

Providing symmetrical bandwidth starting at 1Gbps with prioritised High Traffic Class and Jumbo frames support over XGS-PON, you'll get full expected speeds with the appropriate hardware and configuration.

For new Single Port ONT (SPO) install, there will be a one-off installation fee of $355 + GST.

Our minimum contract term is 12 months but we offer terms of 24 and 36 months. Early Termination Charges (ETCs) are as follows:

  • If there is less than 12 months of your contract term remaining, the early termination fee is $1,159 + GST
  • If there is between 12 and 24 months of your contract term remaining, the early termination fee is $2,319 + GST
  • If there is more than 24 months of your contract term remaining, the early termination fee is $3,479 + GST

We believe that “Unlimited” should mean unlimited: no slow downs, no traffic shaping, no hidden charges. We want to make sure that this is true for everyone. As much as we can, we’ll let you do whatever you want on our network as fast as you can, but sometimes there’s a chance that very, very high usage will start to affect our other customers, and when that happens, we’ll talk to you about solutions that work both for you and for our other customers. We define “Fair Use” to mean the usage patterns of 99% of our users, assessed on a monthly basis. If you’re in the 1%, we’ll be in touch, but don’t worry, we won’t spring anything on you without talking to you first.

Our Sales Executives are available on 0800 477 333

We're here to help you - 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday