Voyager is the fastest Internet Service Provider & fastest growing company in New Zealand.

Voyager SPEED

The word itself is simply beautiful. Clean lines, bold letters. Hard consonants and long vowels. Short and to the point. Yet that simple little five letter word - innocuous in itself - inherently implies a challenge. One that we, The Voyagers, willingly accept.

We will update our network and always strive to be the fastest - without compromising integrity or local service. We will provide you affordable telephony solutions. We will provide you internet. We will host your website and store your data - safely. And we will provide a domain name that is only limited by availability and your imagination.

We will supply the tools for wholesalers and dealers to have an edge over their competition. Through self-provisioning portals, white labelling and the lowest volume rates available - you can build and run your own IT company.

We will continue to create new and interesting solutions to bring to your workspace. Software, phones - modems and applications - IT design and architecture. We will work for a better tomorrow - right now.

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And that is just the beginning… watch here for more innovations.

Call: 0800 4 SPEED to be a part of them.

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