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Layer 2

What is Voyager Ethernet Connect?

Voyager’s Ethernet Connect is a point-to-point layer 2 Ethernet service that allows you to easily connect your high-volume workloads between sites. Whether you are extending your network between datacentres and other key sites, or backhauling traffic Nationally or into Sydney, we have you covered.

Built on the Voyager Network, we connect through the major NZ centres. We have Metro Ethernet Rings built in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, and points of presence in Hamilton, Tauranga, and Dunedin. Each of our core sites are serviced by protected network paths, built on top of Optical Transport links enabling customers to connect with confidence.

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Voyager's Coverage

Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch are serviced by a Metro Ethernet ring for added flexibility. Outside of our core points of presence we can connect to your sites using Dark Fibre access where available.

We have a selection of protection levels available to suit your resiliency needs and can provide East and West separated bandwidth paths, with interface redundancy, if required.

If we do not have a point of presence close to your location we are proactive about adding additional datacentres and regions where there is demand.

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Ethernet Connect

Typical use cases

  • High bandwidth point to point connectivity between datacentres or key sites.
  • Reliably and securely connecting your datacentre workloads to your office
  • High bandwidth connection to facilitate database replication between sites
  • Transparently extend LFC handover ports to your ISP equipment so that you can expand your network reach without requiring hardware in each region.
  • Extend VLANS from one site to another seamlessly
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High Capacity

Highly resilient, high-capacity Carrier Grade Ethernet network

Reputable Performance

Built on top of the Spark OTN2.0 optical transport network with self-healing capabilities.

Scale Easily

Available between Voyager Points of Presence

Network Control

Available in port sizes of 1G or 10G, 100G ports available on request for services up to 50Gbit

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