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Flexibility in the way you work

Voyager’s cloud softphone is a software addon for Voyager Voice that can be used on any device via a mobile app or desktop web browser.

It doesn't require physical handsets, so employees can leave their handsets at the office and stay connected. For those that prefer no handsets, softphone offers reduced upfront cost and investment. Plus, you don’t need to wait for hardware to be delivered and the softphone can be fully installed remotely, meaning you can get started faster.

A solution that grows with your business

Voyager’s cloud softphone addon makes it easy and cost-efficient to add users as your company grows. Since there’s no cost or lead-time on handsets, setting up a new user is as simple as installing the softphone on their device and setting them up with an account.

Never miss a call

Simplify remote work and ensure business continuity

Enable employees to make and receive calls whether they’re at home, at the office, or anywhere in between. Voyager's cloud softphone is accessible as an app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) or via a desktop web browser, allowing them to take their company PBX wherever they go.

Softphone business features

(making and receiving calls)


Busy Lamp Field

Call recording
(in app)

Three way calling

Transfer & Warm Transfer

Voicemail integration

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