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Get Simple
Wordpress hosting

WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tool. Simplify the design process and allow you to add powerful features with just a few clicks.

  • Thousands of free themes
  • Managed Daily Off-site Backups

Fast & Secure
Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting plans are specifically tailored for New Zealand web sites, with fast New Zealand based servers and ultra-reliable.

  • Free Email & Phone Support
  • Free Email Accounts

Fast & Scalable
Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Servers give you full root-level access to the operating system, allowing you the flexibility to install and run virtually anything on the server.

  • Fast New Zealand Based Servers
  • Windows & Linux Options

Extremely Powerful
Dedicated Hosting

Our Dell branded Dedicated Servers provide all the performance you need in a secure and isolated environment whilst being hosted in our secure New Zealand datacentre.

  • We use only high quality hardware
  • Network & server uptime is guaranteed
Wordpress Hosting
Shared Hosting
Virtual Servers
Dedicated Hosting

Web hosting that's secure, fast and reliable

Voyager provides you with the hosting services and server solutions that are needed in today's digital businesses. Your Internet, web hosting and cloud server solutions are in the same house! 15 years in business with over 30,000 customers ALL 100 percent owned and operated in New Zealand! Voyager is here to make your IT life easier and help your company grow.

Cloud Powered Hosting

Websites are served from a cluster of powerful servers for exceptional performance and uptime.

Uptime Guarantee

Network & server uptime is guaranteed with comprehensive Service Level Agreements.

NZ Support

Email or call us toll-free for friendly and knowledgeable assistance you can depend upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our service.

There are no setup fees for any of our web hosting plans!

Yes our servers are New Zealand based. We operate our own private data centre in New Zealand.

Yes, we operate a cluster of powerful servers to serve your website, this means your website loads quickly and if there is ever a fault with one of the servers, your website will be served automatically by another server within the cluster.

Yes. The Plesk Server Administrator allows you to preview your web site using the web server address. This will display your web site exactly as if you were accessing the site via the actual domain name. A site preview can be generated from the Plesk Server Administrator by clicking on the Site Preview button.

No, Voyager does not provide shell access for shared web hosting plans due to security reasons. If you require this level of access, we recommend considering a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where you will have full root access over SSH to the server.

Yes they do. You can create unlimited sub domains for a domain name under any web hosting plan for both Unix and Windows platforms.

We operate both platforms. Our Linux web hosting plans are powered by Cloud Linux OS and Windows hosting plans are powered by Windows Server 2008 R2.

Yes, in most cases we can assist you to transfer your web site. Contact us to discuss your hosting requirements with one of our Customer Service representatives.

Our Sales Executives are available on 0800 477 333

We're here to help you - 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday