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Solutions for small to medium sized businesses

We'll do our best to simplify the process and explain your options



  • ADSL/VDSL/Fibre
  • Voice Options Available
  • Fixed IP Address
  • 24 Month Term

Voyager is really focused on Business...

Voyager’s foundation was built on the high quality, reliable and fast connection we’ve provided to our business customers. Hosting, domains and voice have since been added to our portfolio –meaning we’re now a one-stop shop for all your business telecommunication needs.

We can help you out with other enhancements too - if you are looking to connect offices together, hosted servers and websites or larger scale voice requirements - we do this everyday for thousands of Kiwi businesses.

If you have a requirement that you want to talk to someone about give us a call on 0800 4SPEED and start your journey with us today.

The faster the service, the more features available

All our broadband services have the ability to send data for FREE to any other Voyager connection, or hosted website. That includes 20% of all NZ Websites! Customers will receive 100% NZ based helpdesk support with only tier-2 and tier-3 technicians. Not message takers - Voyagers who can help fix things!

Full Offer Summary

Full Offer Summary

Voice over IP services Run your office phone system in the cloud!
Video conferencing Conference in full HD with no interuptions with no disruptions to others on the office network.
Servers Host your own non-mission critical servers at work.
Send and receive Large files outside the organization without bogging down the network.
Online backups Your work to our data centre utilising the fast upload speeds of VDSL and Fibre.
Service Data Term Monthly
BASELINE ADSL | VDSL | Fibre 30/10 100GB Data 12 $79/mth
BASELINE Fibre 100/100 100GB Data 12 $99/mth
BASELINE Fibre 200/200 100GB Data 12 $119/mth
BASELINE Fibre 1000/500 100GB Data 12 $149/mth
UNLIMITED ADSL | VDSL | Fibre 30/10 UNLIMITED 24 $99/mth
UNLIMITED Fibre 100/100 UNLIMITED 24 $119/mth
UNLIMITED Fibre 200/200 UNLIMITED 24 $139/mth
UNLIMITED Fibre 1000/500 UNLIMITED 24 $169/mth


Service Monthly Fixed Shipping
Router Configuration & Delivery
(Mandatory with Voyager Supplied Modem)
- - $19.95
12 Month Contract (Unlimited Plan Only) $10/mth - -
Additional DDI (each) $5/mth - -
1000 NZ Landline Minutes $10/mth - -
100 NZ Mobile Minutes $10/mth - -
1000 NZ Mobile Minutes $75/mth - -
100 International Top 40 Destinations $10/mth - -
1000 International Top 40 Destinations $40/mth - -
NZ Toll Free Service (0800 or 0508) $10/mth - -
Fax to Email $10/mth - -
Voyager - Rental Business Router $10/mth - $19.95
Voyager - Purchased Business Router - $195 $19.95
Cisco 800 series Managed Business Router $50/mth - $19.95
Cisco 800 series Purchased Business Router - $795 $19.95
RMS (Router Management Service) on Purchased Cisco Router Setup - $95 -
RMS on Purchased Cisco Router $10/mth - -

40 Included Countries (With International Calling Pack)

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Cyrprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Eire), Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mariana Islands, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America

Full International Rate Card

Hardware Options & Upgrades

We can offer both Rented and Managed Routers. The Voyager router is suitable for Home Office / SOHO Connections with lower traffic and voice volumes. If your Business has more than 20 devices on the network (remember to include the wireless ones) we suggest upgrading to the Cisco 800 Series Managed Router. It is designed for Small to Medium Businesses. Add a Ubiquiti Access Point if you need WiFi in the office.

Voyager Router

Voyager Router

Pre-configured rental router for ADSL / VDSL / Fibre for Home Office / SOHO connections


Voyager Cisco 800 Series

Cisco 800 Series

Pre-configured and managed Cisco 800 Series router
suitable for higher volumes of traffic


Voyager Unify Wifi

Ubiquiti Wifi

Unifi - managed, for use with Cisco



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