Actrix / Voyager billing

migration FAQ's

We’re in the process of migrating our Actrix customers onto a new Voyager billing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recently emailed all customers who are due to be migrated in April 2019. Please see below answers to frequently asked questions regarding the billing migration.

We are in the process of migrating all our customers onto a new Voyager billing system. We are migrating a large portion of our customers onto the new billing system on the 1st April 2019.

You will have received an email from Voyager advising if your account is being migrated on the 1st April. If you haven’t received an email, then you have either already been migrated onto the new system, or your account will be migrated at a later date.

You may have originally signed up as an Actrix customer. We have previously communicated to you that in October 2016, Voyager acquired Actrix, and since then we have provisioned Actrix customers under the Voyager brand.

As of the 1st April you can expect for your invoice to look a little different. Here are some changes you can expect to see on your new invoice:

* Your plan name will change.

* If you have a bundle plan, such as phone and broadband, you’ll now see your services individually itemised.

* You’ll have a new 8-digit account number.

* The credit card charge will appear from Voyager instead of Actrix.

Your invoice billing period will stay the same, although the end date on your new invoice will be displayed as one day earlier than usual. For example, your current invoice might show your billing period as the 8th Jan to the 8th Feb, this will change on your new invoice to show the 8th Jan to the 7th Feb. This is not a change to your billing period, or your invoice amount, it’s just a date formatting change as a result of using a new billing platform.

If you have an automatic credit card or direct debit payment set up, you don’t need to update any payment details, your payments will continue to be made to the correct account.

If you currently pay by an automatic credit card payment, your card will now be charged 10 days from the date of your invoice, rather than the previous 5-day payment period.

If you pay by automatic direct debit, your account will be charged 10 days from the date of your invoice, as per usual. Online payments can be made here:

You can still make your payments into the regular Actrix bank account, however you are invited to update your details to our main Voyager account for payments made from 1 April. Our details are also on our invoice for your reference:

Voyager Internet Ltd


Due to the change in billing system there’ll be some loss of functionality to the account management features on the My Actrix portal, such as the ability to view your statements online and check your usage. Later this year, we hope to launch a new Voyager portal where these features will once again be available.

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to login to the My Actrix portal to access your email and manage your cyberfilter. The My Actrix site will redirect you to for any online payments.

Unless otherwise advised, there will be no change to your broadband plan.

The cost of your broadband or home phone plan will remain the same, unless otherwise advised.

If you previously had a bundled plan, you'll now see your charges itemised on your new invoice. The itemised charges show the RRP (recommended retail price.) In some instances the RRP charges might be higher than you are normally charged, so you'll see we have applied a legacy services discount to bring your overall invoice back to your original amount and to honour your existing prices.


Previous Phone and Broadband bundle = $120

New invoices charges show:

- Broadband = $80

- Phone = $60

Total = $140

Legacy services discount = $20

Balance to pay shown on your invoice = $120

If you have calling bundles, these will continue to be charged as per usual on your regular invoice date. However, starting from the 1st April, they will be allocated on a monthly basis (for example from the 1st April – 30th April.)

There will be no change to national and NZ mobile calling rates. International calling rates will change as of the 1st April. International calls will no longer include any capping and will be charged at Voyager’s standard rates which can be found here:

Please see below current and past Actrix calling rates

Residential| Business

As part of the migration, your account will be moved onto the standard Voyager terms and conditions, which can be viewed here:

There are no substantial differences from the Actrix to the Voyager terms and conditions.

As part of this migration we’re consolidating your Voyager and Actrix services onto one monthly bill which you receive at the start of each month.

Dependent on what date you were previously invoiced for your Actrix services, there may be an adjustment charge the next time your service is billed to cover the transitional period.

Business customers

Currently you have until the 20th of the following month to pay your invoice, as of the 1st April, this will change to 20 days following your invoice date.

Example based on a billing date of the 16th April

Current payment date:

Billed on the 16th April you would have until the 20th May to pay your bill.

New payment date:  

Billed on the 16th April you would have until the 6th May to pay your bill.

To align your billing date to the end of the month, your billing date will change from the 28th of the month to the 31st of the month.

Services provided during the transitional period in March (28th March – 31st March) will be given free of charge, excluding any tolls for phone calls.

Currently you have until the 20th of the following month to pay your invoice, as of the 1st April, this will change to 20 days following your invoice date. As you are receiving your new invoice on the 1st of the month, you will have until the 20th of the month to pay your bill, as per usual.

Please feel free to contact our helpdesk on  
0800 477 333

if you have any further questions