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How long will it take to move my broadband?

This depends on two main factors:

  •  What type of internet you're ordering (ADSL, VDSL or fibre)
  •  If the property you're moving to has had the same type of internet in the past

Moving your broadband and home phone can take anything from a few days up to 8 weeks, so it's best to give us as much notice as possible.

Whether you're transferring a current broadband service with us, or you're new to Voyager, you can specify the date you want to be connected - so your internet won't start until you're moved in.

Not sure what internet is available at your new house? Use our search bar above to search for your new address.

Call our helpdesk on 0800 477 333

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Helpful tips for moving your broadband to a new address

Need a modem?

If you're an existing Voyager customer - take your modem, but leave the ONT (the white fibre box) in your property. 

Need a home phone?

Voyager provides a home phone service which uses your Voyager modem. The calls take place over an internet connection, meaning less interference and cheaper call rates. Just select 'smart homeline' when you sign up, and yes, you can keep your number!

Found fibre?

If your new place has fibre but you're uncertain about switching your broadband type, check out this article about the common myths associated with fibre.