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How Does the Voyager partner programme work?

Voyager partners sell our telco services to their existing and prospective customer base, earning recurring monthly revenue on a commission basis.

It’s simple. We’ve done the hard work setting up a full scale communications network, and you earn revenue through selling our products and services to your customers. We even provide easy to use telco tools and ongoing training and support for you to manage your telco business successfully and seamlessly. Thousands of customers across New Zealand are serviced through our partner channels.

We have two main partner programmes, Dealer and Wholesaler.

Dealers sell our services to their customers and we take care of the rest; for example we manage the setup, ongoing support and monthly invoicing. 

Wholesalers sell our services to their customers under their own brand name, they can manage, service and monitor their customers using Voyager smart portals.


Who can be a telco Partner?

We work with partners of all shapes and sizes, but generally we find the most advantageous partner relationships are with:

  • Businesses which are already selling products and services which complement the addition of broadband and phone services (such as a technology retail store, a business consultant, online professional service etc.)
  • Organisations which are well connected within their community, with lots of natural opportunity to develop a customer network.
  • SME’s who provide real business value and a personal touch to their customers.

Which partner programme is for me?

Dealer of Wholesaler, the choice is yours! Click the options below to get an overview of each channel, or give our business team a call and they can offer advice based on your business requirements.

Voyager Dealer

Expand your business by selling ours

Voyager Wholesale

Seamlessly delivering Nationwide Telco Services