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Dealer Channel

With little effort, become a Telco provider

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How it works

Being a Voyager Dealer Channel is the easiest option to quickly get yourself up and running as a provider of Voyager Business Telecommunication services. A Dealer Channel basically sells the Voyager service to their customer network and we take care of everything else including the ongoing monthly invoices. You become the primary contact for the customer to ensure they remain happy by maintaining a valued relationship that will see customers adding more services. You will receive a percentage of every month’s revenue, and the more customers you add the more revenue you earn.

The Ideal Dealer

You may have a business that already sells product or services that would easily support the addition of voice and internet services. This could be retail store, a repair and supply service or even an online service. Perhaps you may be a business consultant or in an industry where our service can easily be included as part of your present offerings. There are many options, you just need to have a great personality, a sound business sense, and the ability to grow an ongoing network of customers.

Dealer Support and services

To get you up-and-running, Voyager provides full dealer training on our product and services. When you provide us a customer you are kept informed of developments from our service delivery and you have dedicated support assistance so you know that the customer is being looked after. Voyager is in the process of building specific portals that will allow you to receive further product information, collateral, training and other relevant services to keep things running smoothly.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in learning more about becoming a valued Voyager dealer than tell us about yourself in the box below and one of our dealer teams will be in contact. You can be earning additional revenues in no time.

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