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Wholesale Channel

Voyager provides wholesale broadband services to around half of NZ's 80 or so Internet Providers, with more wholesale ISP customers than any other provider.

How it works

As a Voyager Wholesaler, you have access to a wide range of telecommunication products and support services. This enables the wholesaler to build tailored solutions for your customers under your own brand. Products may include VoIP services, Sip Trunks, sophisticated cloud PBX services, CPE hardware and high performance broadband to name a few. Our wholesalers can manage, service and monitor their customers using Voyager smart portals. Portals also allow the wholesaler to control services such as number porting, service provisioning and configuration of voice systems.

Voyager Wholesale Portal

The Ideal Wholesaler

You will probably have a general understanding of telecommunications and may already work in the industry providing related services. Some or our existing partners include ICT consultants, providers of CPE office solutions, IT system installers, software service providers and existing wholesalers providing various telecommunication products.

Voyager Voice Portal

Available Services

Voyager Wholesalers can provide in-depth or simple solutions, it comes down to how you want to structure your service offering to your customer. New technologies that assist and automate processes are constantly reviewed for introduction into our partner program, we love to keep things simple for both you and us, and ultimately the end customer.

Support and services

The Voyager helpdesk has years of experience in supporting our Wholesale operators. In addition, you get product training and the use of portals that allow wholesalers to manage many of the network functions traditionally handled by Voyager. Plans are in place to include further portal enhancements to incorporate webinar training services, greater product information, collateral and additional support functions. We have you covered.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Voyager Wholesaler please contact us on the email below and we'll get back to you.

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