How much does home fibre broadband installation cost in NZ?

A standard fibre installation to a residential home doesn’t usually cost anything – although it’s worth noting that some internet providers do charge a setup fee.

Essentially, the Government is heavily subsidising the nationwide rollout of ultra-fast broadband (fibre) to help provide access to world leading internet to as many homes, businesses and schools across the country as possible.

If your home is less than 200m away from your property boundary, and you haven’t previously had fibre installed at your place, that should qualify as a standard installation.

If your home is further away from the boundary than 200m, you’ll need to contribute to the cost of install.\

In some cases, particularly with some shared driveways and apartment buildings, there will be more complex build work required that will require the property owners involved to contribute towards the installation costs – but these will be advised by Chorus (or other regional Fibre installer) ahead of the installation proceeding.

What does a “standard install” provide?

You might be wondering what a standard install means for your property – are they going to be leaving your property damaged from the fibre broadband installation work they’re carrying out? Or might the technician be able to rewire a couple of rooms in your home at the same time?

Let’s take a look…

Basically included in the free standard install, they’re going to:

  • Connect your home to the fibre network infrastructure in the street.
  • Install an ETP to the outside of your home. This is an external termination point which then connects through into the inside of your home, and ultimately, to the ONT and your router.
  • Install an ONT to an agreed location inside your home. This allows you to connect your router to the fibre network essentially.
  • Test to ensure fibre is working.

What about additional wiring modifications in my home?

The standard install just covers getting your fibre ONT connected.

The technician is not going to be able to install more power points for you, or rewire your room to add some additional network jacks for example.

Likewise, if you decide after your install (or the previous tenants install) that you don’t like where the ONT or ETP is located, while it can usually be relocated, it will be a chargeable change at that time.