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Snappy Solution Gives Snap Rentals The Edge On The Opposition

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Snap Rentals, a thriving car rental company, faced challenges in their call center operations. Managing customer calls and monitoring performance proved to be cumbersome tasks.

Shifting Gears: Snap Rentals’ Drive for Enhanced Call Center Operations

With a high volume of incoming calls, primarily shuttle check-out requests, Snap Rentals sought a more efficient solution. Voyager’s custom Voyager Voice Premium solution emerged as the answer, offering a way to turbocharge the call center’s efficiency and streamline customer interactions.

Blair, the Head of Tech at Snap Rentals, shared their initial concerns:

“Our phones were working fine. It was just the managing users and then it was a bit clunky and we wanted that fixed. So that was the absolute bare minimum requirement, and we also wanted to be able to pull data on performance.”

Turning the key on Collaboration: Snap Rentals & Voyager Join Forces

Snap Rentals’ journey with Voyager began when they discovered the company’s custom Voyager Voice Premium solution. On top of the voice services, with unlimited calling and predictable costs and an IVR phone menu system, this also provided an integration of their IVR into their CRM, Trello. The collaboration between Snap Rentals and Voyager’s team, led by Patrick (Account Manager) and Ryan (Voice Engineer), resulted in a seamless implementation of the system.

Blair, the Head of Tech at Snap Rentals, recalled the early stages of their partnership:

“I loved the fact that Voyager instantly knew we wanted to do MORE - and that’s when things got really exciting!”

Working in a super competitive niche, Blair and the team at Snap Rentals, knew to grow, they needed to implement technology from day one.

Putting our foot down on a comprehensive solution

The custom Voyager Voice Premium offering provided a comprehensive solution, addressing all of Snap Rentals’ concerns. The system not only improved call center efficiency but also helped the company gather crucial data to make informed decisions. With detailed reports, Snap Rentals could identify trends, allocate resources more effectively, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Blair was particularly impressed by the system’s capabilities:

“The ability to pull data on performance and make adjustments as needed has been a game changer for us. It allows us to be proactive in our approach, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.”

Full Throttle Efficiency: The Impact of the Custom IVR-Trello Solution

The IVR-Trello integration offered several key benefits to Snap Rentals:

  1. Turbocharged call center efficiency by automating shuttle check-out requests.
  2. Enabled call center staff to shift focus to managing problems and working with new bookings.
  3. Easy-to-use platform that allowed Snap Rentals to make adjustments as needed.

Blair detailed how the IVR-Trello integration has transformed their call center operations:

“Having that, being able to go from IVR to Trello… It saves a hell of a lot of resources and a hell of a lot of time.”

Cruising Together: The Snap Rentals-Voyager Relationship

Throughout their collaboration, Snap Rentals has been impressed by Voyager’s proactive approach to account management and their responsiveness to their needs.

Blair, the Head of Tech at Snap Rentals, shared his appreciation for the team, particularly Patrick:

“With comms companies, both in my experience personally and in business as well, it’s typically the hardest firms to get hold of. But Patrick’s super receptive… With Patrick, you call, he picks up the phone!”

He also praised the assistance he received from Ryan, a Voice Engineer:

“He’s ridiculously helpful… He does not know how to say no, that guy.”

Account Manager, Patrick Gensch and Ryan Atterbury, Voice Engineer are always there to take a call and help the team from Snap Rentals out.

Adapting to Change: Snap Rentals’ Ongoing Optimisation Efforts

Snap Rentals continuously seeks to improve their customer support by implementing new technologies and adapting to changing circumstances. The company is committed to leveraging the full potential of the Voyager Voice system, and IVR-Trello integration, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Blair explained their ongoing efforts:

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance our customer service and stay ahead of the curve. The IVR-Trello solution has been instrumental in helping us do that.”

At Snap Rentals, the customer is at the very heart of everything they do. Making their customer’s lives easier, is a continual focus by using technology.

Pioneering the Road Ahead: Expanding the Solution with Call-to-SMS Integration

Snap Rentals can now enhance their customer support by integrating a call-to-SMS feature. This allows them to send clear instructions about airport pick-up locations directly to customers’ phones, improving customer service and enabling them to adapt instructions quickly as airport layouts change.

Blair, the Head of Tech at Snap Rentals, expressed excitement for this integration:

“We’re going to be integrating the call to SMS… We can give new instructions and do other things. It’s all just served on the platform. It’s so crazy.”

The future looks bright for Snap Rentals and their customers as they explore the world of Voyager iSMS.

Fueling Growth: The Ripple Effect of Improved Customer Support

Snap Rentals has experienced significant growth since implementing Voyager’s custom Voyager Voice Premium solution. By streamlining their call center operations and enhancing customer support, the company has attracted more customers and increased customer loyalty.

Blair reflected on the positive impact of the integration:

“Our growth has been phenomenal, and I truly believe that the IVR-Trello solution played a huge part in that. Our customers appreciate the smooth experience, and that keeps them coming back.”

The Voyager Voice system was just the starting point for Snap Rentals. With the help from Voyager, they’ve turned it into a customer service machine!

Driving Success with a Powerful Partnership

Snap Rentals highly recommends Voyager’s custom Voyager Voice Premium solution to other businesses looking to optimise their communication systems.

The solution has significantly improved their call center efficiency, provided valuable performance data, and enabled them to focus on managing problems and working with new bookings.

Blair, the Head of Tech at Snap Rentals, summarized his experience with Voyager:

“I would recommend Voyager to anyone, really, especially if you’re keen to make the most of tech… Patrick and Ryan have been fantastic - they are there when we need them and we actually feel like they are part of the team.”