There’s still time to shop online, and these gifts are seriously cool!

We thought we’d save you the hassle of trying to find a park at Westfield mall, and share with you our top picks for this year’s totally awesome technology gift ideas which you can buy online…

Nintendo Labo

Cardboard has never been so much fun! Forget the fort, enter the Nintendo Labo. Topping the list of many letters to Santa, the Nintendo Labo kits are made up of a number of cardboard pieces which you assemble and put together with your Switch for a truly personalised Nintendo experience. From a submarine to a robot, there are three different kits you can buy view

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go claims to ‘radically redefine digital entertainment’, and they aren’t kidding… this beauty opens up a world of VR opportunities, without the need for all the hardware: view

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple has got our hearts racing again with their latest smart watch, with the first ever built in electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG). So much more than a watch, the series 4 could be considered a medical marvel, with the functionality to alert wearers of abnormal heart activity, possibly well ahead of a potential serious medical issue: view


Go to next base with Alexa by introducing Vector into the mix. Vector is your handy home robot, with the ability to time your dinner in the oven, update you on the day’s weather whilst you shower, or get the party going by pumping up the volume in the living room. Vector is always there to ‘hang out and help out’: view

__Polaroid Play 3D __pen Get creative this Christmas with the Polaroid 3D pen, which lets you easily draw 3D models. You can even stencil your own photographs to bring them to life in 3D, that’s boxing day sorted for you and the kids! view Osmo Pocket Shipping to NZ shores from December 15th, the Osmo Pocket is an impressively tiny camera which captures seamless shake free 4k video footage, on a 3-axis mechanical handheld gimbal. It’s a pocket game changer: view Sonos Beam The latest Sonos Beam provides epic sound quality from a modest 65cm speaker. Equipped with voice control, this stylish TV speaker will transform your movie nights into a three-dimensional sound journey: view Fitbit Charge 3 The FitBit has got one step closer to perfection with the latest Charge 3. With more features and less bulk, the Charge 3 is the most stylish way to get your step count up in 2019: view