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Voyager Wholesale Partner Credits Success to Outstanding Support

Client Stories

For Sri, a NZ-based Wholesale Telecommunications & IT provider, success is built on a foundation of support. Since signing on as a Voyager wholesale partner in 2012, his company has seen over a 500% increase in their monthly billing account with Voyager. “And we haven’t churned a single customer that entire time,” says Sri. “The only time we have ever lost a customer is when their business has either closed or been sold.”

If you ask Sri how he has managed to create such a loyal customer base while consistently growing, he will tell you it comes down to confidence and trust.

“The success I’ve achieved is due to the confidence levels my customers have in me,” Sri says. “I have earned that trust from them because of my own confidence in Voyager’s support and platforms. Anything can be possible with Voyager – you get that feeling from the people backing you up and supporting you.”

When an issue arises for one of Sri’s customers, they trust him when he tells him he is going to fix it. He has managed to build that trust thanks to a long-standing, ongoing relationship with the Voyager wholesale support team. “I am confident promising a resolution to my own customers because I know that Voyager will deliver for me – enabling me to deliver for my customers. Any wholesaler would have that confidence working with Voyager.”

That same high standard of support has been sustained over the years Sri has been a Voyager wholesaler, even as Sri’s company continued to scale up. In comparison to other suppliers, he has had a vastly different experience.

“The difference between Voyager and other suppliers is that there is always a human at Voyager to talk to, there is a person you know that’s there for you to help you and get things done,” he says. He has been a wholesaler with another telco for 12 years and even now, he doesn’t have anywhere near the same relationship. “I know a couple people there, but they don’t really care. At Voyager, the people are invaluable.”

And when it comes to getting things done, Voyager delivers quickly. “I once had a customer that needed their number ported with another telco, and there was no sense of urgency or communication from this specific supplier,” says Sri. “Requests were actioned so slowly that the port didn’t happen for a month. If I had been working with Voyager, that same request would have taken 10 minutes.”

In summation, Sri says that working with Voyager “is more like you’re chatting with a friend. The people at Voyager are genuine, and they care. They go out of their way to get things done. That shows you how much they value you as a person. I’m not technically a part of Voyager, but I am a part of Voyager.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Voyager wholesale partner, send us an enquiry here or email our Business Development Manager, Tony Ripper, at [email protected]. You can also click here to learn more about our Wholesale Partner channel.