What if I'm not happy with the quality of my Fibre installation?

If you’re unhappy with the quality of your fibre install, or the condition in which your property has been left, you’re able to raise this with your broadband provider.

Your provider will flag this to the Local Fibre Company who carried out the installation who will investigate, and once issues are confirmed will put things right.

How common are Fibre installation issues?

As New Zealand gets nationwide Fibre rolled out this means that every month thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses are getting fibre installed into their property.

The vast majority of these are completed without issue, and go on to provide the great high speed reliable connectivity that we’re wanting, with the fibre install soon becoming a distant memory.

But what happens if there is some aspect of the quality of install, or the condition in which your property is left which you don’t feel is acceptable?

While every care should indeed be taken by the fibre installer to treat your property with respect and leave the equipment and its surroundings in an acceptable condition, as with any tradesman’s work on rare occasions there could be differences of opinion on what is acceptable.

Thankfully, we as Fibre customers in New Zealand do have the ability to raise our concerns and have the Local Fibre Company (such as Chorus, Enable, Ultra Fast Fibre and Northpower) look into what happened, and put things right.

How do I get poor workmanship or property damage resolved?

If you’ve encountered an issue with your fibre install, simply let your broadband provider know.

For your provider to raise this with the Local Fibre Company to investigate, you’ll need to email through some photos of the issue – for example a hole that has been left in your lawn.

Along with your description of what the issue entails, your broadband provider will then send this through to the Local Fibre Company such as Chorus to resolve.

From there, the Local Fibre Company will be in touch with you directly to discuss your concerns, once they’ve established what poor workmanship has been involved they should then shortly arrange a time for a technician to visit and resolve the issue.

Do broadband providers care about fibre install problems?

Yes, absolutely we do!

While the technicians onsite are employed by a third party, the quality of their work and professionalism reflects on our own company and our commitment to our customers.

If our customers are having anything other than a prompt and professional experience of getting fibre installed, we want to help resolve that for not only yourself, but also to help ensure that it doesn’t continue in future cases.

Likewise, the Local Fibre Companies need to ensure that the quality of technician’s workmanship and professionalism is up to par and will help make sure service companies are continuing to provide infrastructure installs that are a positive experience for all involved.

What if my ISP doesn’t care about my fibre install issues?

If your broadband provider is not taking your fibre install concerns seriously, feel free to get in touch with our support team, as providing amazing support for our customers throughout New Zealand is something we’re known for!

If your fibre order is not yet complete, let us know how far along your order has progressed, and our team can likely get a new order placed that is able to resume where the other providers one left off – so in most cases you’re not going to be back at square one.

Our fantastic provisioning team will do all they can to get you connected quickly, and if you’re got concerns about property damage or other install issues will help ensure that your property is left in a great condition.