Christchurch residents to get double the fibre

Local Kiwi broadband provider, Voyager, has committed to deliver double the fibre speeds to its Christchurch residential customers, following the southern success of Christchurch fibre broadband network provider, Enable.

Following Enable’s recent success to deliver fibre to over 200,000 homes, schools and businesses in Greater Christchurch 19 months ahead of schedule, they have decided to celebrate by offering double the broadband speed to all Christchurch customers on a 100Mbps plan.

Voyager, one of Enable’s key internet providers in the Christchurch region, has pledged to pass on this extra speed to all new and existing customers on a 100Mbps plan, at no extra cost.

Voyager delivers broadband nationwide and has a helpdesk based out of Riccarton in Christchurch. Voyager CEO Seeby Woodhouse said: “We’re really excited about partnering with Enable on this initiative. Hopefully, it will encourage more people who are able to get fibre to make the switch to better broadband.”

Uptake of fibre nationally is 43%, and Christchurch falls just short of the national average with 38.5% of people choosing to switch to fibre. According to a report from the Ministry of Business, 87% of New Zealanders will have access to fibre by 2020.

Seeby said: “It’s still surprising that more people aren’t taking advantage of fibre technology. At Voyager we pride ourselves on our supersonic broadband speeds and our great local Kiwi support. We’re working hard to inform Kiwis about the benefits of fibre, and busting some of the common myths which might be holding people back.”

Commenting on Enable’s successful fibre rollout, Seeby said: “It really is a credit to Enable for completing 19 months ahead of schedule, especially in a city which has been devastated by earthquake damage. New Zealand has always been ahead of the curve on technology, and Enable’s incredible achievement will really help position us as a world leader in fibre adoption.”

All new Voyager Christchurch customers joining on the 100/20 plan from the 1st July will receive double the broadband speed of 200 Mbps at no extra cost. The migration of existing customers will also start from this date.