Voyager Leads the Crusade for Faster Fibre in Christchurch

Voyager is one of the first Christchurch broadband providers to offer local residents twice the fibre speeds, for free, in partnership with local fibre company, Enable.

Christchurch residents in Enable areas will now get double the speed when they order fibre 100/20 broadband from Voyager, receiving a speed of 200/20 Mbps for the same cost.

The promotion follows Enable’s successful fibre rollout to all of Greater Christchurch last month, 19 months ahead of schedule, giving over 200,000 homes school and businesses in the Christchurch region access to fibre broadband technology.

Seeby Woodhouse, Voyager CEO, said: “As a local provider based in Riccarton, we’re stoked to be offering people in Christchurch this free speed boost. In support of the city’s rebuild, we want the people of Christchurch to have the very best of what technology has to offer.

We’re also pretty pleased to be one of the first providers to offer this promotion, which is available for people to order online on our website today, ahead of Enable’s launch date of July 1st.”

There are over 50,000 residents of Christchurch already on a fibre 100 plan who stand to benefit from this promotion, if their internet provider chooses to support the initiative. Enable and Voyager are working together to migrate all existing Voyager fibre 100/20 customers onto the faster plan over the coming months. New customers to Voyager will receive the free speed boost instantly.

This news shortly follows Chorus' announcement last week that their fibre infrastructure build in Dunedin was successfully completed, putting the South Island ahead of the curve when it comes to fibre availability.

Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister Clare Curran also commented last week on the fibre rollout, confirming that by 2022, New Zealand will feature in the top five countries in the world for fibre access.

Ms Curran was quoted as saying: “This government wants all New Zealanders to embrace digital opportunities and prosper from them. Every New Zealander needs to be on the journey with us; know how to access and use digital technology, and trust the systems we have to manage and protect our information.”

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