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Gaming lounge powers up business with Voyager fibre broadband

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Kiwi business owner Callum Jennings is encouraging more New Zealand businesses to make the switch to fibre broadband after experiencing a “monumental increase in speed, significantly lower latency, and greater connection stability” at his own gaming lounge in Auckland.

Pixel Lounge is a ‘sanctuary’ for gamers to hang out, play, and connect. The café offers customers a large selection of games to play, some of which require patches and updates of up to 100GB. “As soon as fibre was available to us, we switched,” Callum said.

“It was crucial that we had the best connection, and after researching the best internet provider to help us switch, we chose Voyager Internet for both their superior network and their unparalleled support.”

“Our Voyager connection has never dropped out on us, not even once,” noted Callum. “This has enabled our business to operate flawlessly around the clock, even during the early hours of the morning. Voyager staff are easy to talk with, fast to respond, and they understand the needs of my business. Knowing I can call Voyager and receive direct help, and not be transferred to an outsourced third party, really puts my mind at ease.”

Having fast and reliable internet has also enabled Pixel Lounge to switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology for their office phones. “Now that we use VoIP, all my voicemails go straight to my email, which is extremely helpful when I’m on the road or a customer calls outside of business hours,” said Callum. “It’s also much easier to keep track of incoming and outgoing calls.”

“Fibre broadband is a must-have for any business owner, and if you’ve got fibre then VoIP is the obvious answer for telephony services. For any organisation that uses phone calls to conduct any part of their business, it’s the most cost-effective option,” said Callum.

“Having Voyager as our one provider for our voice and internet also means only one invoice to deal with – and one less support number to track down. Anything which saves me time and reduces my paperwork is a bonus in my book!”