Voyager credited for playing significant role in success of independent information company

Independent information company Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) credits Voyager for playing a significant role in its success

Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) is an information investment company based in Auckland. Its portfolio includes information assets, content aggregation, and analysis services. MIL exports over 55,000 items each month to clients abroad, as well as co-owns, a SaaS media relations platform.

MIL’s founder and managing director, Selwyn Manning, was well aware of the many challenges that his business needed to overcome to sustain and maintain financial, operational, and reputational growth. Therefore, when it came to choosing a telco partner, Manning’s goal was to find a progressive New Zealand-owned and operated internet provider with a solid reputation for delivering fast, stable, and solution-orientated services. He chose Voyager after seeing that the company could deliver internet connectivity, server provisioning, and domain name registration.

“I knew Voyager would deliver a strong, stable, and secure network – a tech-backbone – upon which we could build our open source intelligence business,” said Manning.

“We use Voyager for ultra-fast fibre and server data-centre services that locate and maintain our network of VPS services. We also use Voyager to register the numerous domain name titles under the MIL umbrella,” including,,,, and (a joint effort with AUT’s Pacific Media Centre).

MIL has been with Voyager since its establishment. “Right from the start, the service culture was clear. Voyager promised and delivered the most robust and up-to-date technology. The team spoke in terms we could understand and were solution oriented,” Manning said.

“I can’t speak highly enough about the Voyager team’s tech knowledge and service. Whenever a challenge occurs, Voyager’s people identify solutions and remedy whatever the issue is,” said Manning.

From its beginning, MIL embraced an organic-growth business plan and was determined to develop the start-up without accruing large debt – a factor that can weigh down so many media and information-trading businesses. Voyager supported these goals and provided MIL with a stable cost-benefit environment.

“In fact, we found that as the cost of international data reduced, both for server services and connectivity, Voyager passed on those savings to its customers. This was a bonus in real dollar terms, especially as we pursued our organic growth business plan,” Manning said.

Operationally, Voyager provides MIL with VPS services through its data centre.

“As MIL grew, we needed to step up and expand our server network. We were able to achieve this through a simple email or phone call to Voyager. Within hours – and without fail or fuss – a fast, robust, secure VPS server was added to MIL’s network,” explained Manning.

With its telecommunications needs covered, MIL was able to concentrate on developing the tech-tools necessary to publish and export open source intelligence. Today, MIL exports over 35,000 items of English language information each month to clients abroad. It also exports up to 20,000 items in French, German, and Spanish languages - content that is automatically translated within MIL’s five VPS’s housed within Voyager’s data centre.

Voyager’s uptime guarantees, its policy of immediately replacing any hardware failures, and its frequent data back up on its secure server network means MIL’s data-assets are protected at all times.

“As such, Voyager’s policies allow us to focus on what we do best – that is to continue to develop product, expertise, growth, and to satisfy a strong export client-base. We achieve all of this while maintaining peace of mind, knowing that the technology underlying our business will continue to deliver for us,” Manning said.

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