If the internet goes down, we might as well go fishing - A business broadband case study

If the internet goes down, we might as well go fishing

Switching his business to fibre broadband was a no brainer for John Cloete, owner of New Zealand based company iPromote.

“As soon as fibre was available in our area we switched, we were one of the first ones in the area to get it” John said. iPromote is a promotional products company whose business is conducted entirely online. John said, “We process all our orders online, so a fast and reliable internet connection is critical for us. If our internet goes down, well we might as well all go fishing.”

Switching internet providers is quite commonplace, but John has partnered with Voyager Internet for the past five years, saying, “If it isn’t broke, why fix it? With Voyager we get fast speeds, our uptime is 100%, and they moved us seamlessly onto fibre with zero disruption to the business.”

Initially choosing Voyager as a supplier based on their price and size, John said, “Because Voyager is a smaller internet provider, we thought we’d get better customer service and support, and we weren’t wrong. Voyager are just easy to deal with. You get through to someone straight away and you deal with a real person, not a computer or someone following a script.”

iPromote also partners with Voyager for their phone services, which are delivered using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) further maximising the benefits of their decision to upgrade to fibre. Commenting on their relationship with Voyager, John said, “Having one supplier for our phone and internet makes things easy from an accounting point of view, but also, we just really enjoy the relationship we have with them. We value the fact that we’re treated as a priority and personally as an individual, and that’s the kind of business relationships which are worth hanging onto.”

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