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IMPORTANT: Phone scammers posing as Voyager to access bank details


We’ve received notification that some of our customers are receiving phone calls from scammers pretending to be calling from Voyager.

The scammers are attempting to access customer’s online banking details via various scamming techniques, such as claiming your computer or Voyager router has been hacked into, and requesting remote access to your computer to help fix the issue.

What to do if you get a phone call from ‘Voyager’

If you do get a phone call claiming to be someone from Voyager, here’s what to do:

· At the start of the conversation, ask for the person’s full name.

· Advise the caller you will phone them back on the main Voyager contact number to continue the conversation, and that you will ask for them by name.

· Call us on 0800 477 333 to report the incident.

Never give out any personal information, including your bank details, and do not grant access to your internet banking or any personal sites using a web address that they may give you. Do not grant the caller remote access to your computer.

If you have any doubts about the call, or feel threatened in any way, you should hang up the phone immediately.

How do I know it isn’t really Voyager calling?

We don’t ring customers out of the blue, so you can be safe in the knowledge that this is not really us. We would also never ask for personal information over the phone unless you’ve called us, especially your financial information.

What if I’ve already had a call from Voyager?

If you’re suspicious you may have already received a call which might have been a scam, then contact your bank immediately to check there has been no fraudulent activity in the past few days.

Why is this happening?

We take the security of your personal details very seriously, and so we never release any of your account or contact details to third parties. With that said, it’s tricky to completely safeguard against hackers and scammers online as they use various hacking software and techniques which are constantly evolving and updating.

Should I be worried even if I haven’t received a call?

If you haven’t received a call then there is no reason to be concerned. Just be extra vigilant over the next few days if you receive phone calls from any companies requesting personal information.

Who do I speak to for further information?

If you have any questions or concerns, or to report a phone call which you suspect may have been a scam, reply directly to this email or call us on 0800 477 333.