Top 3 IT Blunders of 2017

Top 3 IT Blunders of 2017

The now infamous guy who hit the missile button instead of clocking out in Hawaii yesterday got us thinking, what were the top 3 IT blunders of last year that will still keep us laughing (and cringing) all the way through 2018…

  1. Trump Tweets May

Love him or hate him, Trump makes the top of the list with one of his (many) twitter faux pas…

People all over the world are worried about Trump hitting the actual missile button, especially as he can’t even seem to get the right twitter handle for UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Trump attempted to tweet May (UK Prim), last November, but actually tweeted Theresa May Scrivener, a 41 year old woman living in Bognor, a small seaside town in the UK. Trump blasted Scrivener for not focussing on the ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place in the UK’.

Following the tweet, the mother of three was trapped inside her home after being bombarded by reporters. Theresa May Scrivener is still waiting for an apology from the white house, saying: “It’s amazing to think the world’s most powerful man managed to press the wrong button. I’m just glad he was not contacting me to say he was going to war with North Korea.”

  1. United Airlines Security Footage

Companies still don’t seem to register the fact that everything they do can now be captured on video and shared to the entire world within seconds. United Airlines sure as heck didn’t consider this as they wrestled and dragged an Asian-American man from an overbooked domestic flight back in April 2017.

Thankfully a fellow passenger was on board to film the brutal removal on her cell phone. She uploaded it to her Facebook account and within hours the video went viral, becoming one of the most watched videos of 2017.

The airline was forced to apologise, and a security officer involved in the incident was immediately placed on leave.

  1. #deleteuber

Trump rears his head once again on our list. After announcing the travel ban on Muslim-majority countries back in January 2017, many US companies retaliated in protest by striking. Among these companies was the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, who called for its employees and its taxi fleet to strike in New York City, by stopping pick up’s from John F Kennedy airport for one hour.

Online taxi app Uber, however, saw this as an opportunity to make a quick buck, tweeting that surge prices would be temporarily switched off near JFK (making taxi journeys significantly cheaper).

The people of America did not agree, and pretty soon #deleteuber began trending online, encouraging people to delete the app and remove their Uber accounts. Uber suffered a massive backlash, they even had to create an ad hoc automated system for deleting accounts, to manage the influx of lost customers.

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