Voyager completes upgrade of core network

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Voyager Internet has recently completed a 100 Gigabit upgrade of its core data network.

The New Zealand ISP carried out the upgrade proactively in response to rising bandwidth usage across the country. The investment in hardware upgrades and resulting increased capacity means that Voyager broadband customers will continue to enjoy the same fast speeds and seamless service, even during peak times and as nationwide bandwidth usage rises.

This will also allow Voyager to provide more 10Gbit services to customers with demanding requirements, such as carriers and wholesalers, without risk of network overloading.

Eight brand-new 100 Gigabit-capable routers and an equal number of switches were procured from Juniper Networks (a leading global provider of networking equipment) at a cost of over NZ$600,000.

Seeby Woodhouse, CEO of Voyager on the left, shakes hands with CTO Jovica Mrkela, as the new network is put into final production at one of Voyager's Auckland Data Centres

“Our network upgrade represents a significant investment in our technical capacity and capability that will be hugely beneficial to our current and future customers,” said CTO of Voyager, Jovica Mrkela.

Voyager’s network upgrade will especially benefit businesses who rely on cloud-based platforms and other internet services, such as VoIP, that require reliable, high-speed connections.

“This upgrade is a clear signal of our commitment to being a digital transformation partner for businesses across New Zealand, a serious wholesaler of services, and a reliable and trustworthy service provider for our residential customers,” said Mrkela.

The upgrade is the result of careful design and planning, extensive hardware procurement and testing, and final installation of equipment in three Voyager sites in Auckland, and one in Sydney.

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