Voyager establishes a Point of Presence in Sydney

Voyager has established a new Point of Presence (POP) in Sydney that provides dedicated backhaul to Australia via diverse Trans-Tasman undersea cables, offering high capacity and redundancy to connected services between Australia and New Zealand.

Voyager’s Sydney POP has enabled the business to create new services such as Trans-Tasman Backhaul, Cloud and CDN Direct Connects, Voice Interconnects, and other services which will soon become available to customers.

Cliff Black, Voyager’s Network Architect that led the establishment of the Sydney POP, says having a POP in Australia was a big achievement in providing Voyager customers with an exceptional experience.

“Voyager already has POPs in the main cities throughout New Zealand,” says Black, “but having a local Australian POP enables us to extend our network and connect directly to large CDN and Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Facebook, Apple, and many more key content providers.

These direct connections provide higher speeds and stability for services not yet homed within New Zealand, ensuring Voyager customers have access to the best connectivity available from their office or home.”

With the Sydney POP fully established, the Voyager team is now busy working on additional services we will soon be able to offer our customer base.