Voyager Internet successfully tests business continuity plan in response to COVID-19

In response to the uncertainty surrounding the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Voyager Internet staff across all three offices have been set up to work remotely should the need arise.

Voyager’s Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington offices have run business continuity exercises which have seen all staff work from home in order to ensure all runs smoothly and any issues are addressed. The exercises included a full-scale remote working for each office, including helpdesk, network engineers, and support staff.

“Our ability to successfully execute business continuity plans is reassuring for both our customers and our staff. Voyager is committed to our wholesalers, business, and residential customers, and we have ensured that we are well-positioned to provide continued service under the COVID-19 threat,” said Voyager CTO Jovica Mrkela.

The exercises have seen Voyager’s internal network stress-tested to ensure full functionality and security for all staff logging in remotely. Voyager’s IT team has worked hard to prepare its internal systems to withstand the volume of remote workers accessing the network.

“We deployed and tested several technical solutions to achieve an excellent result in a short time,” said Mrkela. “Successful business continuity exercise is a testament to our team’s capability and commitment.”

“Staff wellbeing and adherence to recommended health guidelines is a top priority, as is the assurance to Voyager customers that we will be able to continue providing them with uninterrupted service during this time when it is most critical,” said Voyager CEO Seeby Woodhouse. “As more people are required to remain at home, dependence on the internet for things like ordering food, keeping in touch with loved ones, and staying informed is vital.”

Voyager’s Auckland and Christchurch offices have successfully completed their exercise, while Wellington will run their test the week of 25th March.