Voyager Static IP Address

A static IP address is available on request for Voyager home broadband connections, and is included by default free of charge with all Voyager business broadband connections.

How can I request a Static IP from Voyager?

For new customers:

When placing your home broadband order for Fibre or ADSL/VDSL, on Step 4 you’ll see an “Advanced Features” section – just tick the box “Assign me a static IP address”, and we’ll take care of that for you during set up.

You’ll then be advised of what your IP address is when your broadband configuration details are emailed to you.

For existing customers:

If you already have your broadband with Voyager, and want to enable a static IP address on your connection, just contact our support team and they’ll be able to get that activated for you.

Does Voyager provide IPv4 or IPv6 static IP addresses?

By default you’ll be provided an IPv4 IP address - but we can also provide IPv6 addressing if specifically requested. If IPv6 is required, please contact our support team.

Does getting a static IP address cost extra?

We have a one off fee of $14.95 for assigning a static IP address to your home broadband connection.

What are the benefits of getting a static IP address?

As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t know why you’d need one, you likely don’t need one.

A static IP address can be useful for people who have a web or email server running within their network. It can also be useful if you’re needing to setup a VPN.