We're officially the fastest ISP in NZ

Voyager was the standout performer in the latest Independent TrueNet Broadband Monitoring Report, with our VDSL product being the fastest broadband service in the land, measuring an average 2.5 seconds download speed for a variety of web-pages.

Released last month, TrueNet’s new focus is on the time taken to download eight live websites, with Voyager coming out tops across all NZ providers.

Voyager VDSL also came out on top for best Time of Day performance achieving 98% of our best measured speed all through the day. This means that the speed you get at our slowest time of day is still 98% as fast as our maximum speed.

TrueNet selected a new set of live webpages for tests during March from popular websites listed at

By changing live webpages the report ensures ISPs must improve all of their network to be ranked top in webpage downloads rather than just the test sites truenet chooses.

Chorus states that 51% of connections in NZ can be upgraded to Voyager VDSL, while only 8% can be Fibre but according to TrueNet, the 8% is changing slowly, so if you are unable to connect with Fibre, then Voyager VDSL is a great option.

If you want to find out more about VDSL get in contact with our Sales team via email or phone, they’re more than happy to help.

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Phone: 09 444 4444