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Terms & Conditions

Microsoft 365 Service Terms

Microsoft 365 Service Terms

By using this Service, you agree to the terms set out below, which are specific to your Microsoft 365 Service and apply in addition to the Standard Terms & Conditions (located here: https://voyager.nz/terms/business) you accept in becoming a customer of Voyager. If there is any inconsistency between these terms and our Standard Terms & Conditions, then these Specific terms shall prevail.

Other terms that may apply:

Other applicable Voyager policy may also apply to your use of our services. If so, they will be specifically referenced in these or our Standard Terms and Conditions. Pricing is subject to change at any time during the term of this contract.

1. Microsoft Customer Agreement

The Microsoft Customer Agreement (https://www.microsoft.com/licensing/docs/customeragreement) is applicable to your use of this service and you acknowledge that you have read and understood the agreement and accept the terms of use.

2. Acceptable Use

You must not use the services in any way which:

Breaks any laws

Infringes anyone’s rights

Is malicious, obscene, or offensive

You are responsible for all your activities while using our Services, including all content or material you may access. Voyager can, at our discretion, restrict or disconnect you if we consider that you (or anyone using your Service) have engaged in improper or unacceptable use of our Services.

4. Charges

Microsoft 365 pricing is subject to annual review by Microsoft and your Charges during a Fixed Contract Term may change. We will notify you of any changes to Charges in writing and provide no less than 30 days’ notice.

3. Ending this Agreement

Changes to Services:

Upgrades and downgrades of Microsoft 365 licenses are permitted where the overall monthly license spend is the same or greater than the original contracted amount. Changes resulting in a lower overall monthly license spend may incur an Early Termination Charge if applicable.

Reducing the number of licenses to zero is considered a termination of the contract, which may incur an Early Termination Charge if applicable.


We require 30 days written notice for the termination of the Service. If that Service is being provided to you for a specific fixed term and you cancel within that term, then you must also pay us any applicable early termination fees.

Fixed Term Contract:

If you have agreed to use a Service for a Fixed Contract Term and /or your pricing plan is based on a Fixed Contract term, then that contract term applies. If you cancel within the Fixed Contract Term, then you will be liable for any applicable Early Termination Charges. Your contract starts from the date that we deliver all services listed on the Sales Agreement to you. If you also choose to purchase other Voyager services, your contract terms will be aligned and treated as a single contract term, based on whichever end date would result in the longest contract term.

Early Termination Charges:

The Early Termination Charge will be equal to one months’ subscription fee for each license that is within term.